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Complete Inspection Solution Ensuring LOLER & PUWER Compliance


We Offer The Best Service Available!

Inspection of loose lifting equipment

Inspections to equipment can be carried out every 6 or 12 months, with specific dates to be mutually agreed prior to the inspection date.

Inspection of fixed and heavy lifting equipment

We can provide inspection of fixed lifting equipment such as overhead cranes.  On top of this we can inspect Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPS).


Certification can be made available within 24 hours of the onsite inspection through our online client portal.

Inspection of forklifts

Safelift provide full CFTS accredited forklift thorough examinations in accordance with LOLER and PUWER regulations.

Inspection and Servicing of hydraulic jacks

We provide a full service and Inspection for all major hydraulic jacks.  We currently handle service agreements with major aircraft companies servicing hydraulic jacks used for aircraft.

Service and Repair

Safelift provide a quick and easy service and repair of most manual handling equipment.  Because of our position, we can normally source spare parts directly from the manufacturer to be used on your piece of equipment.

HAVs Testing

Safelift provide full Hand Arm Vibration (HAVs) testing service for most types of equipment.

Forklift Inspections

Forklift trucks are required by law to be inspected regularly to ensure LOLER and PUWER compliance.  Every forklift truck is required to be thoroughly examined by a suitably qualified, trained and competent company.  This applies even if it is only leased or hired on a long term basis.

Beware: not every examination is truly “thorough”.  CFTS is the leading national standard guaranteed to fulfil your obligations under LOLER and PUWER.


Incorrectly assume

that ANY thorough

examination covers the FULL

inspection of their forklift truck.

Only CFTS accredited forklift examinations cover all 
elements, giving you 100% confidence that your machinery will operate safely and in accordance with all standards.

Machine Types Covered





Rough Terrain



Why Choose Us?


Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Supply of personnel

As part of the agreement, Safelift Onshore Ltd will provide total onsite services at your convenience to fit around your schedule.

Supply replacement equipment

As part of the Safelift Membership, we will provide you with the most competitive rates for the procurement of items out with your agreement.

Individual account manager

Your company will be appointed a single point of contact by way of an account manager who will remain your main point 
of contact throughout your term.

Customer Driven Service

Safelift provides businesses with a complete service package which includes the agreed scope of work based upon the customer’s needs.  We utilise latest technology to provide an efficient service for your company which helps not hinders your company operations.



Completely paperless

Safelift operates a fully paperless system that records and holds all information through use of our bespoke inspection software.  This ensures total compliance to ensure data isn’t compromised or lost.

Customer Portal

Throughout your time with Safelift, all equipment records and current status’ can be accessed online through the customer portal 24/7 meaning you will not need to wait to access your records to check your equipment status’.

RFID Technology

All clients have the option to upgrade to the very latest RFID technology, meaning that every single piece of equipment will be tagged and can be easily read via our handheld tablets or your own smartphone.  This ensures quick inspections and can also mean items can be identified and checked quicker without lifting the phone.

Colour Coding Solution

Does your company need an instant solution to solve the headache of colour coding problems? Safelift Onshore Ltd have developed a unique colour coding board designed to look professional in the workplace but also saving time and money for your business. As part of the one off fee, we will change the coloured piece indicating the current colour code and change the numbers indicating the latest next examination date. To take advantage of this unique solution, contact us today!



What is LOLER?

SI2307- Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) along with its governing SI2306 -Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), are the regulations that cover the safe use and operation of lifting equipment in the workplace.

What is defined as “lifting equipment”?

“work equipment for lifting or lowering loads and includes its attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting it”

Do the regulations apply to me?

If you are an employer or self-employed person providing lifting equipment for use at work, or you have control of the equipment then the regulations will apply to you.

What does the standard require me to do?

The standard requires for all lifting equipment to be regularly inspected based on frequency of use.

How will Safelift help me?

We will offer complete support throughout your time with us.



We are part of the best groups and associations to provide you an even better level of service



Consolidated Forklift Truck Services (CFTS) Accredited

British Safety Council Member


Crosby Agents

Van Beest


Checkmate UK Agents



William Hackett


Riley Superclamp


Step Change In Safety Member



Official Columbus

McKinnon Agents


The history behind the long term industry success

Safelift Onshore was formed in 2008 to carry out SI 2307 LOLER and SI 2306 PUWER inspections and repairs, with the ability to deliver the inspections onsite or at the client’s premises.

Safelift Onshore Ltd provides businesses with a complete inspection service package which includes the agreed scope of work based upon the customer’s needs.

We utilise leading IT technology to provide an efficient service for your company which helps not hinders your company operations.

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